Call for submission of exhibition projects for 2019

DOM UMENIA in Bratislava announces an open call for submission of exhibition projects for 2019.


The call is designed for the Slovak as well as foreign curators and artists who professionally deal with the contemporary visual arts in their full scope.

The second floor of Dom umenia (House of Arts) is an open platform for presenting a wide range of exhibition projects. It provides space for professional artists and curators engaged in contemporary visual arts throughout the wide range of its genres. Dom umenia offers a generous area of over 530 square meters in the city center on SNP Square.


Once a year, Dom umenia announces an open call for exhibition projects and accepts the applications continuously throughout the calendar year. Dom umenia exhibition projects are independent and separate from the exhibition plan of Kunsthalle Bratislava, which prepares its own projects to be exhibited on the first floor of the building and on the ground floor in the premises of Kunsthalle LAB.


The estimated duration of one exhibition is 4 – 6 weeks. Should any of the applicants be interested only in a part of the space, they must coordinate themselves with a partner interested in using the rest of the exhibition space prior to submitting the application (i.e. two smaller projects must be submitted for the same date). The project proposals will be assessed by a professional committee composed of representatives of KHB, SNG, NOC, the Ministry of Culture as well as external environment. The committee will give preference to professionally prepared curator’s projects for the entire floor of Dom umenia as well as projects with a long-term tradition. 


The application for participation in the exhibition program must include the following:

  • filled-in application form
  • brief characteristics / libretto of the project
  • information and picture portfolio of the author, or project;




  • the committee will give preference to curator’s projects dedicated to the contemporary visual arts;
  • the provision of the exhibition premises will be subject to the signing of the cooperation agreement and the obligation to cover the necessary services in the amount of EUR 1,000/month excluding VAT, related to the operation of the premises;
  • Dom umenia will not provide transportation, surveillance, technical assistance in exhibition installation, PR activities, or production of accompanying printed material.


The applications will be accepted continually. The first assessment will consider applications delivered by 15th September 2018. The successful applicants are to be notified of the assessment results within two weeks upon the date of the committee meeting, but not later than by the end of October 2017.    

In the event that the exhibition plan for the next year is not filled up, it is possible to assess individual projects subsequently on the basis of space availability.



Send your projects to the email address:


or by post to the following address:

Dom umenia/Kunsthalle Bratislava

Námestie SNP 12

811 06 Bratislava